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Triton showers

There is nothing quite like the feeling you get from having a shower. And there is nothing quite like the Triton range of Mixer, Power and Electric showers.

Triton showers offer you an outstanding choice of styles and features, all beautifully designed and superbly engineered, We have made it as easy as possible, so you can choose the perfect shower for you and your family. You will find everything from attractively priced electric showers to the ultimate in power shower performance. 

For quality and reliability there is no better choice of shower than Triton 

Home Page ImageThe Satellites Range

High Performance Mixer Showers. Far from the ordinary.



The  Satellites range offers far more than an ordinary shower. They work just like a mixer shower in that hot and cold water blend together to give you a refreshing shower every time, but that is where the similarity ends....


Superbly stylish, modern designs

  • Provides a powerful flow of water
  • Easier and quicker to install than most showers
  • Consistent water temperature for the duration of your shower due to the products exceptional thermostatic control
  • Easy to use and easy to clean

The Satellites range differs from an ordinary shower in that it uses the latest remote control technology, which means you can operate your shower in the same way you would your television with a remote control.

Home Page ImageMixer Showers Home

Mixer Showers

Mixer showers draw from both the hot and cold water supplies and usually provide higher flow rates than electric showers. Ideal for homes with readily available hot water.


With Triton mixer showers you have an incredible choice of options from the ultimate showering experience of a Shower Tower to the exceptional quality and value of the Unichrome range.



For those with taste for Contemporary living Tritons mixer collection offers a range of different styling options and colours to meet the needs of any modern bathroom.



If the style of your bathroom is more traditional then why not pick out a stunning period piece? The Unichrome Avon or Tavy offer the perfect look for the more traditional taste with curvaceous ceramic levers and traditionally styled cross head controls.



If you are after unbeatable quality and unbeatable styling then Unichrome can offer just that and more. The Unichrome collection allows you to not only chosse your perfect shower but you can also make your bathroom look complete with many models offering taps and accessories.



Home Page ImageElectric Showers Home

Economical. Quick and easy to install. Connected to the cold mains supply, the water is heated as it passes through the shower providing instant hot water at any time.


Triton has a collection of electric showers to match any needs and any budget. You will find everything from the low cost T50i to the new, state of the art T300si Wireless.


Other new additions to the range include the extra slim XR showers. The T70, T80 and T100 offer all of the performance, features, reliability and exceptional value you expect from a Triton shower, but with a stylish slimline design to suit any home and lifestyle.


Power Shower Home

Product Normal ImagePower showers are similar to mixer showers in that they draw from both hot and cold water supplies, but they also have the added benefit of an integral pump to boost flow rate.
A power shower can only be fitted to a gravity-fed low pressure system and is not suitable for fitting to the mains cold water supply, a combi boiler or a high pressure water system.
Therefore, if you prefer a more forceful showering experience that is both invigorating and refreshing, then choose one of the triton range of stylish and exciting power showers.

Home Page Image

Care Showers

Triton can help your new shower even easier to use for the elderly and disabled.


The range includes four electric showers together with three thermostatic mixer showers.


Every Triton Care Shower has the following key features:


Extended riser rail (1m)- Allows the showerhead to be positioned for use both in a seated or standing position


Soft Spray option- A multi spray pattern showerhead suitable for those with sensitive skin


Control Extension levers- Essential for people with arthritic hands


Reinforced high quality extended hose (1.75m)- Prevents kinking whilst allowing optimum manoeuvrability of the showerhead for the carer when assisting someone to shower


Complete Care Shower packs are available featuring our extended hose, longer riser and control lever.


Product Normal ImageLuxury Body Dryer

After your shower or bath there is no more luxurious way to dry yourself than with the Triton Body Dryer. Use the remote control to adjust the heat and power to acheive your ideal setting. Then simply stand and enjoy the feeling of warm air around you as you effortlessly dry your whole body.


  • Effortlessly dry your body without keeping damp towels in your bathroom.
  • More gentle on your skin than towels and more hygienic too.
  • For those cold winter mornings it also doubles as a fast, efficient bathroom heater.
  • Makes drying the kids (or even pets!) hassle free and great fun.
  • Less laundry and economical to operate-costs as little as 1p per minute to run.
  • Reduces moisture in the air, making bathrooms less damp all-round.



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