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Ardcavan, Castlebridge
Co. Wexford, Ireland


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Mira Showers

Electric Showers

Instantaneous showering day and night for the whole family. That's the beauty of electric showers. They draw water directly from a cold water supply and heat it as it is used, so you don't need to have a stored hot water supply. Because they are easy to install in main and en-suite bathrooms and dedicated shower rooms, electric showers are extremely versatile. In fact, virtually every home - new and old - can have one.

Mixer Showers

Mixer showers are easy to install and require no electrical connections*. They work by mixing together your hot and cold water to the desired temperature - ideal for homes with an ample supply of hot water. Mixer showers usually have a higher flow rate than electric showers, and with a host of models from which to choose - from contemporary minimalist to more classic styles - there is sure to be a mixer shower to suit all tastes and bathroom styles.
*Exception of Digital showers

Power Showers

As the name suggests, power showers produce a more impressive spray force than either electric or gravity-fed mixer showers. This is because water pressure is boosted by a pump that generates exceptionally powerful flow rates

Contract Showers

Mira has two mixer valves designed specifically for the contract market. The Mira Verve and Mira Select offer cutting-edge thermostatic control and stylish, contemporary design that will enhance any bathroom.



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